Sunday, February 12, 2012

Manly Monday: Edmonton's male fashion bloggers

Girls rule and Boys... do too! Edmonton's kings and queens of blogging unite to provide a diverse, local fashion perspective. Photo from Western Canada Fashion Week Fall 2011.

Last week, the Edmonton Journal brought attention to E-town's male fashion bloggers in an article entitled, New Kids on the Blog, written by journalist and fellow blogger, Vickie Laliotis

Vickie chatted with the personalities behind Style Guy, High Gloss White and Marquis of Fashion, Edmonton's most notable male fashion bloggers (since the departure of Lance Chung of Fashion Relic who recently departed to Toronto).

Currently, Edmonton's fashion community is dominated by women in almost all aspects of the industry from blogging, designing, styling to makeup and hair. But there is certainly no shortage of men who are eager to share their views on the subject and are starting to utilize local platforms to do so. These gentleman are working hard to alleviate the lack of exposure  on men's style in Edmonton. There will surely be many more entering our fashion digital landscape in 2012, adding to an already thriving blogging community. 

Check out the New Kids on the Blog article here. 
P.S. Watch for an upcoming Manly Monday post featuring these bloggers and others, and their top fave shopping spots in Edmonton!


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