Monday, February 06, 2012

manly monday: moustache wax

Hipsters and dads love moustaches. And so do the ladies, but we don't like wily whiskers, so make sure you keep that 'stache tamed. A good solution? Moustache wax! This stiff pomade  keeps hairs in place looking healthy and groomed even after that fourth pint. You can get real creative with this stuff, like this dude. Basaraba is a local product produced right here in Edmonton made from all-natural ingredients including beeswax and coconut oil. Available exclusively at Love Hair. 


  1. Mustache wax??!! Never heard of it but totally love it.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Holy God, I nearly squealed in delight when I saw this post. I tried to share my enthusiasm for it with my five male colleagues and for some reason it fell flat on them. I think they're just jealous Mr. Kitty's stache! ;)


  3. Looks and sounds like a good product, but to be honest: glad my guy shaves. Had to deal with Movember not too long ago; that was enough of the moustache experience for me:)


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