Saturday, May 05, 2012

12th bi-annual royal bison!

Sweet heart earrings by Salvaged & Sewn
Moment of the day!!! Thanks Fridget!
This vintage clutch came home with me. 
Watch for a feature on this label soon on Manly Monday!
Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair / May 5 & 6 / Sat 10-5pm / Sun Noon- 5pm  /  8426 Gateway Blvd.Jewelry, zines, records, art, peep shows, dresses, treats, toys and more. Edmonton's Royal Bison Art & Craft Fair is back this weekend providing a platform for local designers and artists to sell and showcase their unique goods. 
I spent my afternoon browsing my favourite local designer wares, meeting new ones, bumping into friends, and falling in love with my city once again. Just like Edmonton's farmers markets, events such as the Royal Bison and Handmade Mafia bring the customer straight to the maker - and I love that. I walked away with a purse full of goodies including a dainty vintage ring and rad gator-skin clutch from Le Object D'art, another stunning coin ring from Jessica Kennedy's new venture, Chaos and the Dark, a package of pretty little cards for when a thank you note is needed and the best of the day? A floral-print bicycle seat cover from Fridget Apparel! This was a find that literally made my day. Many a time have I jumped on my rain-drenched bike to enjoy a wet ass ride home. But no more! Take in the last day of Royal Bison on Sunday, meet your local arts community and buy yourself a treat. 


  1. Looks there were so many fun goodies to be found there. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. Looks like it was tons of fun! Love the clutch you got!

    Melanie xo

  3. Why in the world have I never been to this?! These shots are showing off some seriously awesome pieces. The floral print bicycle cover sounds sooo sweet!


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