Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DMD Beauty: Get the Glow

Drum roll please...I'm about to reveal my best beauty secret: Nars Orgasm Illuminator. In the brand's world famous tint, this liquid shimmer takes my skin from flat and dull to dewy and fresh in five seconds. One peachy drop swiped across my cheekbones and the cupid's bow of my lips has my skin glowing like a firefly and me happily receiving compliments on my complexion. I apply it on top of my blush and blend in with my fingertips. At $36 it might seem a bit steep, but one bottle should last you at least a year. Get the glow!


  1. i use this too sometimes...I wouldnt call it my beauty secret but it does make my cheek glow and shimmer! I like the regular nars blush as well

  2. I have this as well and I love it!


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