Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dress Me Dearly Test Lab: Kiehl's

Last month, West Edmonton Mall welcomed skincare boutique Kiehl's to its growing offerings of popular American chains for Edmonton tourists and citizens. Born as an apothecary in New York way back in 1851, Kiehl's now has hundreds of stores around the world with serious skincare hunters clamouring for the neat and tidy packaged products promising youthful skin and shiny hair. 

I attended the media preview of the new store in West Edmonton Mall and luckily took home a bag full of goodies to try, specifically recommended for my dry skin type. After a religious testing of many of the products over the past three weeks I've picked my top five favourites to share with you. 

1. Rosa Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream [$63]: Wowzers this is a good one. Definitely my favourite out of all the products I tried. The pretty jar packs a rich moisturizer containing "Resurrection Flower", apparently a rare plant able to endure extreme dehydration. I couldn't care less about the flower - the cream has completely revitalized my skin. I applied it four nights in a row after first receiving it, and I'm now only using it once a week because my skin is so hydrated I no longer need such a rich moisturizer nightly. If you suffer from dry skin I would highly recommend investing in this product. A little goes a long way and the next morning your skin feels supple and hydrated. 

2. Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado [$35]: Creamy is right. An indulgent eye cream great for both night and daytime under makeup. I haven't noticed any decrease in lines around my eyes, but the skin is definitely more hydrated. 

3. Midnight Recovery Concentrate [$48]: A lovely night serum worn under your moisturizer. I tried it alone without night cream a few nights and it seemed to be just as effective. The small bottle contains Evening Primrose Oil, which packs a soothing scent along with Omega-6 Fatty Acids, which dermatologists rave is the key to helping recover damaged skin. I'm looking forward to seeing how this improves my skin in the long run. So far I've noticed my skin is much better at holding in moisture, but also some of the discolouration on my cheeks has gone down, which I believe is thanks to this concentrate. 

4/5. Amino Acid Shampoo & Conditioner [$25.50 & $26.50]: A super gentle shampoo and conditioner that - get this - actually does what it claims. I was running my hands through my hair last week after a shower thinking "man, my hair is so thick"... and then realized I have been religiously using this body building duo. I am super impressed and will be continuing to purchase this pair. 

We couldn't help ourselves. Caroline Gault, Alberta Editor of FASHION Magazine and myself - beauty junkies on a high. Genius idea by Kiehl's. 


  1. I remember visiting a friend in NYC years ago, and he was using Kiehl's products and they were so nice, I had never seen them before. And then voila, we got a store in Toronto the next year. They really are beautiful products.

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. I use the avacado eye cream, and agree that it is no miracle worker. I think Keihls is okay. Its pretty pricey for what it is, especailly when there are organic and all natural skin and hair care lines available for much less, and that cruelty free ( i dont know if Keihls is cruelty free or not). But if it works for you, thats awesome, esp. if you got some rad free product

  3. They are owned by L'Oreal and do test on animals, unfortunately. I used to shop at the NYC location but then found out that they weren't cruelty free and so I boycott them now. Which stinks because the Rose Arctica creme was amazing. I never had a chance to try any of the other products though...

  4. Nooo, that's so disappointing to hear! Thanks so much for reading and your comments.

  5. Really sad to hear they test on animals : (
    On a brighter note, you and Caroline look so good in those pics!


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