Wednesday, June 06, 2012

spring fling pop-up boutique.

Last Saturday evening a lineup of vintage-hungry shoppers eagerly waited outside the doors of 124th Street's Duchess Bake Shop, but this time it wasn't for the bakery's famous, decadent macaroons. 
A charming boutique had appeared out of nowhere, with the help of local retail mavens Jessica Kennedy and Sarah Ares. The two ladies combined their enviable vintage collections to create a one-night only shop filled with dozens of enchanting, printed sundresses that only past eras could perfect. 

Jessica is certainly not new to vintage sales as the former owner of Nokomis, a well-loved Strathcona store that carried Canadian-only labels as well as her hand-selected vintage finds while Sarah shares her treasures in the digital world through her Etsy shop, La Fripe.  

The Spring Fling Vintage Pop Up Boutique was sequel to the duo's first successful pop-up held in March. This second edition proved Edmonton's devout love of vintage with shoppers ravaging the racks of dresses, purses, shoes and jewelry. 

I pranced out the door with two one-of-a-kind dresses reminiscent of wardrobes seen in 1950's Tide commercials. Thanks to these ladies - what's old is new again - and these dresses will live on for another generation. 

Vintage hunters behind the Spring Fling Vintage Pop-Up Boutique, Sarah Ares and Jessica Kennedy.
I'm starting to get a little too accustomed to champagne and shopping...


  1. Oh wow, sounds like a fantastic event! Can't wait to see the dresses you ended up with.

  2. i didnt even hear about this :(


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