Monday, August 06, 2012

Manly Monday: J. Crew welcomes you

Edmonton's first J.Crew location opened its doors to the masses in June of this year. Offering up all the trendy garbs a girl could dream of put a smile on the city's female shoppers and an even bigger smile on the company's cash registers. Unfortunately for our fashionable counterparts, no menswear was in sight. 

Only a couple months later and with an overwhelming response, J.Crew is injecting some testosterone into the mix. Similar to when your boyfriend moves in and you make that insane sacrifice of offering him two feet of closet space, J.Crew is providing some square footage to the dudes. As of August 28, 2012 the store will offer a selection of men's suits, outerwear, shoes and accessories. No more sitting outside the store on that lonely bench. Join your gal and peruse the racks in shopping bliss. 

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