Monday, September 03, 2012

janis & vickie take new york.

My gal Vickie from Edmonton fashion blog, Adventures in Fashion, is galavanting around NYC with me this week basking in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the bustling city.

Day one had us grasping our surroundings as we took on the beast. Times Square lured us in with its you-just-have-to-experience-it beckoning call, but as quickly as we arrived we realized the tourist frenzy and excessive American chains weren't really our scene. Really Forever 21... do you need a four-floor location? 

The first day in NYC continually reminded me of my first time in Bangkok - trying to ground myself in a city of over-the-top consumption and tourist thirst. After over stimulating our senses to the max, we refuelled on avocado maki, put cute shoes to pavement and wove through the streets in search of NYC's unique and quaint neighbourhoods. We found our groove in our hotel's darling, romantic and gritty locale, which is bursting with hole-in-the-wall restaurants, cafes, bakeries, grocery stores and book stores that fulfill every "need" your heart desires within a 30 second stroll. To top it off, our cozy hotel Pod 39, boasts a rooftop patio that might be just a little too convenient with its glorious view and flow of unique cocktails.

It was a fabulous first day filled with new friends, great food, and fashion inspiration galore. Day two and three will be down to business at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference featuring keynotes Coco Rocha and Iman and day three sees us meeting up with the likes of Caroline Gault and Jenna of Smitten for the madness that's sure to be Fashion's Night Out. 

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  1. Great pics! Have fun! Love NYC!

  2. Anonymous9/05/2012

    Oh gosh am I jealous of your adventures in the city. I live in Philly and you're tempting me to take a train ride up to the big apple for FNO. Be sure to take lots and lots of pictures!

  3. I can't wait to read of your experiences and adventures. Tell us through texts and pics!

  4. Love this round up your trip! Such great photos. It was so great to meet you both!


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