Friday, November 16, 2012

dress me dearly talks fashion with capital ideas

This year the Edmonton Journal launched a cool new project entitled, Capital Ideas - a networking community of entrepreneurs, business people and go-getters who share advice and the lessons they've learned running their own businesses. Part of the success of this initiative has been a series of free-to-attend panel discussions held at the Edmonton Journal building. Interesting Edmontonians are invited to talk about a variety of topics from "the necessity of failure" to more specifics such as branding and website development. 
Well you're in for a treat, because Capital Ideas has invited Dress Me Dearly to join their next panel discussion, "What Not to Wear: Entrepreneur Edition". Myself, Stylist Lazina McKenzie and fashionable dude, Garner Beggs, will be talking all about personal style and how it affects your business endeavours. 


  1. Yay! Wish I could be there! Break a leg xo

  2. wow, what a cool opportunity - congrats!

    fashionable footprints

  3. Look forward to the follow up post. Good luck!

  4. Anonymous11/20/2012

    I wish I could go! Good luck and be sure to write a follow up post!


Thanks for your comment! xo