Wednesday, November 20, 2013


'Tis the season for declaring our new year's resolutions. We've all got big plans for 2014, don't we? We're gonna lose weight, exercise more, spend less, and be more thankful. We're going to volunteer more, be more organized, read more books. We're going to be better humans. Yup, 2014 is the year.

Every year I neatly write these statements in a journal. Sometimes I colour code them. Some are illustrated. Maybe I stick a few around my apartment on post-it notes as daily reminders to "reach my goal". Most are forgotten within weeks. Many are remembered all year long as a guilty, obsessive thought bouncing around in my brain of another thing I'm not accomplishing.

This year, my resolution is not to worry so much about decreasing this and increasing that. No numbers allowed at all. I'm not dwelling on specifics that only make me feel guilty or fuel me into an obsessive state. My new focus is on balance, something I've never quite mastered. One glass of wine? Ya right. One job? How about three. In my yoga craze phases I don't do one class a day, I do two. This past fall in Bali it was three classes a day. At my obsessive work peak I was sleeping maximum five hours per night, working a full time job, blogging, wardrobe styling and keeping up my socialite behaviours at parties and events three to four nights a week. I don't think I ate breakfast for two years straight when I was working those hours. When I am inspired, I do so in extremes for a short burst. This, at the expense of other elements in my life such as my body, relationships and sanity. All this inevitably leads to burnout and more guilt. It's a cycle I've fed for years. 

Starting now, I'm approaching this all with a new outlook. One of the tools I'm using to develop this new outlook is My Viva Plan. Launched by a friend of mine, a fellow entrepreneur and savvy woman extraordinaire, My Viva Plan is an online lifestyle, fitness and nutrition program that focuses on life balance with the help of a nutritionist and personal trainer at your disposal. No calorie counting, no slaps on the hand if you eat something "bad", no dieting, no weight loss goal. The idea is simply to live the best life you can with the help of trained professionals who can assist you to develop healthier habits in natural steps. A subscription to My Viva Plan provides a seven day meal plan tailored to your body type, food preferences and goals; a customized fitness plan with video tutorials, recipes and access to a nutritionist and personal trainer for advice. I've decided to give it a try, and I'm going to share My Viva Plan experience with you here. This is a personal side I've never shared on the blog before, but one I hope can offer up some inspiration. Wish me luck. 

You can follow along to see how I'm doing on my quest for balance via the DMD Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Find out more about My Viva Plan here>


  1. Anonymous11/20/2013

    You go girl! I love your attitude. Personally, I move forward faster and achieve more when I throw all forms of measure out the window (scale, measuring tape, deadlines, etc.) and just follow my passion and listen to how I'm feeling now.

  2. Preach, woman! Loved this post!


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