Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Well, who would have thought we would get to this point my friends? After four years doing this blog and styling thing mostly solo (with a lot of help along the way from friends, boyfriends and fellow bloggers), I've hired the first ever Dress Me Dearly Intern. I am stoked to introduce you to Deema, my partner in crime, helping me report and support all that's neat-o in Edmonton's fashion scene. 

Deema is a recent graduate from the University of Alberta, where she aced a psychology degree (like, a 4.0. Yeah). She's a total smarty pants with a rad sense of style, a sparkling charm and a keen interest in her local scene. How could I not invite her to join me in the next chapter of Dress Me Dearly? 

Deema will be working hard on all kinds of DMD projects – acting as wardrobe assistant on photo shoots and fashion shows, writing blog posts, pinning like a fiend and coordinating Dress Me Dearly events out in the community. 

Here's a few tidbits about Deema, so you can get to know her better:

Why I wanted to Intern with Dress Me Dearly
I have loved Dress Me Dearly for years! Naturally, when the opportunity came up I had to jump on it. I have always respected how DMD celebrates Edmonton fashion and highlights our local businesses and designers. I am so honoured to be a part of it. I can't wait to learn the tricks of the trade, so that I can continue to grow in the fashion world. 

Favourite local shopping spot
Floc Boutique on 124th Street.

Biggest fashion pet peeve
When people overlook the importance of fashion. I don't expect everyone to be a trendsetting fashionista, but taking the time to choose an outfit is more important than people think - the truth is your clothes communicate a lot about you. 

Wardrobe staple
Easy - a black boyfriend blazer. 

Personal fashion philosophy
"If you like it - then it looks good". Anything can be fashionable when it is done with intention.

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