Sunday, May 22, 2016



It might be a blip on the global fashion map, but Edmonton does have its own flavour when it comes to style. Chic and unique stores at all price-points, extremely talented designers and fashionistas taking style risks all exist in this city. I'm on a mission to find them! Stay tuned...

What you read above is the first (poorly written) Dress Me Dearly post ever published. I was 23 with no clue I was writing a mission statement, which I would fulfill over the six and a half years to follow. Today marks the last Dress Me Dearly post, number 765. 

Dress Me Dearly started out of boredom, but thrived from an absolute need/hunger/drive to uncover a fashion scene in Edmonton. I was newish to the city and little by little I chipped away and uncovered a subculture of people who would become lifelong friends and colleagues – a new tribe whose support and welcomeness to collaborate would be a raft that sailed me along a twisty turny river towards entrepreneurship. 

The blog became a tool and excuse to reach out to Edmonton's designers, photographers, journalists, hair stylists, makeup artists, models, boutique owners and well-dressed locals. Everything I now know about the Canadian fashion industry came through the crafting of this blog. Everything. 

Dress Me Dearly took me to New York, Toronto and Ottawa fashion weeks. It brought me unfathomable opportunities in wardrobe styling, event planning, journalism, TV reporting, content creation, modelling, media relations, and collaborations with some of the world's biggest fashion and beauty brands. I'm really proud of what I built here, with simply a URL, a keyboard and a curiosity. 

So, why the farewell? It's time to move on. I never imagined myself blogging for this long, and my lack of passion for fashion blogging is clear through my very infrequent posting over the last few years. There comes a lot of responsibility with a platform like this, and I'm happy to pass the torch. Fashion blogging has evolved very quickly in only six short years and the means necessary to run a successful and sustainable blog are outside of my interests. I don't want to spend a second worrying about how my Instagram feed looks or censor myself online to ensure I'm consistently "on brand"; I don't want to feel guilt over not posting five days a week; and the idea of looking picture perfect all the time for photo shoots, and "behind the scenes" social media sends a wave of nausea through my body (ie: I don't want to wear a bra or a full face of makeup again... ever). I'm excited to continue to create content for other publications (I do lots of freelance writing on the side), but elated to leave behind the added expectations that come from being both the publisher and the face of the publication. 

Today, there are tons of awesome magazines, blogs, podcasts, writers and hosts who are creating cool content representing the Edmonton fashion scene. The gap I was filling back in 2009 no longer exists. And thanks to Dress Me Dearly, I've found a new gap, and it deserves all my attention. 

I'm thrilled to be stepping out of the spotlight to champion others from behind the scenes. Going forward I'll be focusing on building my public relations agency, Publicity Room –Alberta's first and only firm specializing in communications and media relations services for fashion and lifestyle brands. I'm empowering emerging brands to share their stories with the world and providing established national brands with the tools to connect with communities in Alberta. You can still follow along on all my fashiony adventures on Instagram @janislgalloway and @publicityroom. 

Before signing off, I want to thank all of you for reading, following and supporting Dress Me Dearly all these years. Seriously, thank you. 

And I want to gratefully acknowledge those who helped me produce Dress Me Dearly content including Andrea Shubert, Harvey Miedreich, Aaron Pedersen and Leith Brownridge.


  1. Congratulations on the long run with this blog and everything it has opened up for you.

  2. I remember how excited I was to come across your blog many years ago. It was the first local fashion blog I fell in love with that resembled the many other international fashion blogs I followed at the time. Enjoyed all of your content and am excited to follow along with your new venture. Congratulations!

  3. The end of one chapter which leads to the beginning of a new one. Nicely done! Wishing you much success with Publicity Room. First Edmonton...then New York!

  4. All the best, Janis! You have changed Edmonton fashion in so many positive ways. Congrats on your new endeavor!


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