Thursday, November 13, 2014


What a month it's been! Thanks to everyone for their incredible support of the SIMONSxDMD campaign. Did you catch my first Breakfast Television segment for Simons? Check it out>I also had my first day of personal shopping appointments at Simons last Saturday and the number one request? "Help me find a winter coat!"

After our first major snowfall, we're all scrambling to update our winter gear and finding a coat that's both functional and fashionable can be challenging. A few tips I shared with my clients last week:- Look for jackets with belts or tailoring at the waist to give you shape. Many coats lack structure, and can give the illusion you're just a giant puff ball under there. - Consider what your needs are in a winter coat. Will you wear it to and from work every day? Do you do a lot of outside walking and take public transport? These factors will affect the style you're looking for. - Most Edmontonians will need to invest in two winter coats for the season. I recommend a wool coat for dressier occasions (going out for dinner, possibly to and from work depending on your profession) and a super warm down or polyester filled coat for outdoor activities. - Also, try lots on! You need to try different lengths, shapes and colours on before you know what's right for you. You can't tell how something will look on the hanger. Simons has coats galore right now, and I'm sharing some of my favourite styles below:
A. Icone Arctic Blue Cocoon Coat | B. Vince Camuto Leopord Print Overcoat | C. Soi & Kayo Check Cocoon Coat | D. Kensie Belted Quilted Coat. E. Twik Plaid Wool Coat F. Mackage Xia Tweed Coat

P.S. There are still three more dates to book personal shopping appointments with me! Email to schedule


  1. I love the Package coat but I probably can't afford it. I am so in need of a good coat.
    xoxo Laura

  2. I absolutely LOVE this white coat. So classy and refreshing!


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