Sunday, December 28, 2014

SEE YA 2014!

On December 12 I entered the last year of my 20's and now, here we are on the doorstep of 2015. It's been a big year for me, full of new friends, new clients and mammoth growth for my business. I'm feeling like my direction is becoming much more clear and precise as I'm figuring out exactly which part of this world I'd like to carve out for myself. 

It was a whirlwind year. I've never been one for "five year plans" and my life philosophy up to this point has simply been "say yes to everything". This can make life hectic, but always exciting and full of endless possibilities. The universe has plunked me down right where I ought to be.

I thought I'd share a little snapshot of the past year:

1, 2, 3 /
I traveled. A lot. A solo trip to Indonesia was by far the highlight (Turns out I love traveling alone, who woulda thought?), a romantic getaway to Palm Springs, my first Toronto Fashion Week with fashion bestie Caroline, and a weekend gallivanting and giggling in Jasper with Anya. More global adventures await me in 2015. 

4 /  I joined StartUp Edmonton, the co-working space that saved me from going completely bonkers working from my couch. I found an incredible community at StartUp and an environment which has provided undeniable momentum behind my brand.

5 / I worked with a lot of great non-profits this year including Calgary-based PARK to help bring its first major fashion event to Edmonton in support of Alberta designers. 

6 / I welcomed Deema, the first ever Dress Me Dearly Intern to the team, a program I'm excited to continue in 2015. Stay tuned to meet the new fleet...

7 /  I joined forces with Golden West Music Fest, an indie, outdoor music festival that had me frolicking under the sun and stars in absolute glee this past summer. I'll be working hard with them to bring you the best fest yet in 2015. Get ready to melt your face off.

8 / Poppy Barley held an intimate gathering of Edmonton's most kick ass female entrepreneurs called The Founders Assembly in partnership with Bloom. This was monumental for me. To be included in a group of entrepreneurial women I hold in very high regard was a significant indicator I'm on the right path. Mega thanks to Poppy Barley for letting me be the poster girl for this event. Beyond honoured. 

9 / I hired my best friend. Andrea and I have been partners in crime since we were five years old. She is the smartest woman I know and hugely influential in the success of Dress Me Dearly. She's going to keep me in check in 2015 as my Project Coordinator and Creative Assistant. 

10 / I attended/coordinated/hosted a lot of parties and gained some really awesome new clients. Mega thanks to FLARE Magazine, French Connection, Doc Martens, Oak + Fort, DKNY, Latitude 53, Edmonton City Centre, Kingsway Mall, Kate Hewko, American Apparel, Simons, Flatter Me Belts, Vitamin Daily Edmonton, the list goes on. 

11 / I was in the media – a lot. In November alone I hosted six media segments on behalf of clients and organizations I volunteer with. For the second year in a row I was voted Edmonton's Best Fashion Blog in Vue Weekly (whoop whoop, thanks!). I showed up in some cool fashion stories in local publications. I had my first piece published in the Edmonton Journal about Edmonton designer Malorie Urbanovitch. Great thanks to Global, CBC, CTV and Breakfast Television for letting me gab fashion on your air waves.

12 / I announced a rad partnership with Simons as its first ever Simons Fashion Ambassador. This has been an incredible collaboration, and I'm excited about the momentum we've created with the SIMONSxDMD campaign. Stay tuned for more fashion fun in the new year. 


  1. How has no one commented on how awesome your year has been? Love the momentum. Keep it up, Janis!

  2. Found your blog via Caroline and it's wonderful! I will definitely be following. Keep up the amazing work!


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